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G-Marine Solutions


Modern shipping group requires far more than management information system (MIS), electronic data interchange (EDI) and integrated Internet applications for its information plan and application. G-Marine Solutions integrates vessel messages, AIS, Beidou positioning system, electronic marine map as well as Google Map to get the real-time status of vessel, current location, historical locations, spot weather and warning information in real time manner, thereby providing an all-around management for shipping process to realize the lean management. In addition, through establishing a ship-shore integrated shipping management, G-marine can also intelligently control and manage business strategies and make big data analysis with information concentration and combination and applications of real-time interaction tools.

Intelligence Ship Performance Monitoring System,as an important component of automated cabin monitoring and alarm system, monitors working statuses and operating parameters for various devices in cabin and fuel consumption information in real time manner, to effectively avoid fuel leakage and ensure the safety of vessel.

Big Data Analysis(GA)is a complete set of commercially intelligent analysis platform that contains modeling, ETL data extraction, OLAP multiple dimensional analysis and dynamic image reports, to provide a one-stop data analysis service from data warehouse building, to data extraction and sorting, data display and data digging and analysis.

It will provide customers with

1. Ship-shore integration

The intelligent management platform covering ship maintenance, marine affairs, safety management, cost control and intelligent monitoring, can intelligently upgrade ship management. By deployment shore and ship systems, it can standardize ship operations and realize real-time sharing and connection of data between ship and the shore, providing an integrated ship-shore system.

2. Business-finance integration

Constructed on the basis of integration concept, the platform can penetrate integration idea into every aspects of shipping company to fully cover operation, ship management and finance. Starting from financial management, the platform can radiate each business lines, manage income and cost uniformly through united budget management and settlement management so that financial control idea can influence each aspect of business, eventually to ensure that business data can be timely and accurately send to the financial system.

3. Operation and ship management integration

The platform, consisting of business operation and ship management, by integrating operation management and ship management, fully combine and leverage shipping enterprise resources to have operation and ship management centralized through information sharing on the united platform, so that operation and ship management can support mutually to push the stable development of such two modules.

4. Upgraded services

Customers and broadly enjoy standardized one-stop services, VIP customers are informed of immediate news, partners can timely acquire information and give feedback and regulators can timely get informed of ship updates.

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