Container Liner Oriented System

Product Overview Customers will be benefited from It will provide customers with

Container Liner Oriented System

Product Overview

Gillion Container Liner Oriented System(G-CLOS) is designed to provide unified management for international large and middle sized container liner enterprises, with respective to management and business flows, from the perspective of global scope, and suitable for cross-region container liner enterprises and vessel agencies (private/public), to help them manage head office, regional offices and branches on a unified basis.
G-CLOS provides functions: market management, business management, ship specification management, vessel affair management, operation management, document management, receipt and payment management, container management, financial module, forms management and EDI management, etc.

Customers will be benefited from

1. Transparent process. It is easily to obtain the conditions of each service line accurately, which enhances timely information transmission and at least increases 15% of operation efficiency.
2. Reliability of container shipping and service timeliness. This will lower operational cost by 16% and provide “door-to-door” service.
3. Ensured system security. This will eliminate worries about system security while realizing efficient operation to lower operation and maintenance cost by at least 20%.

It will provide customers with

1. Standardized work flows and enterprise operation in compliance with applicable regulations.

The system will provide standardized work flow setting which clearly define roles of different positions to realize standardized business management, to enhance crew efficiency, to promote risk control ability, and also provide a model for group enterprises to copy and apply successful operation modes.

2. Multiple dimension analysis of reports to help decision making

It is possible to accurately obtain the entire operational condition of each service line, which can decide each service line whether open or not, to intuitively analyze contributions from key customers which can help provide customized services, and to support the building of company-wide database, which can help dig historical data and give aids for budget and settlement as well as operation decision making.

3. Lean management to improve customer experience.

It can collect all real-time information about containers to help reasonably dispatch and schedule and provide updated information for customers.

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