Bulk Oriented System

Product Overview Customers will be benefited from It will provide customers with

Bulk Oriented System

Product Overview

Gillion Bulk Oriented System (G-BOS) is applicable to international and domestic transportation enterprises which are engaged in bulk cargo shipping, for the purpose of helping them standardize and regulate management, from the precise management of operation process and by providing functions relate to each business aspect of enterprises. This system is designed to provide contract management, time charter management, voyage charter management, BAF management, THC management, insurance management, commercial settlement, payable and receivable accounts, and business analysis report, etc.

Customers will be benefited from

1. Uniform data standard which can be defined flexibly as bushiness and port vary is helpful for increasing sales and efficiency by 18%.
2. Reduced manual operations and interventions. It can help integrate resources and establish a complete data system and information sharing mechanism for decision making to further reduce operational cost by at least 16%.
3. Highly safe, expandable and open system. It can reduce operation and maintenance cost by 20%, at a minimum.

It will provide customers with

1. Strengthened business control and supervised everyday operations.

Driven by contracts, this system can connect the entire chain from shipping operation to dispatching and all relevant activities during operation process are intended to serve operation results. Furthermore, each receipt and payment can be trace and therefore improve analysis and control of income and cost.

2. Improved dispatching efficiency and reduced cross-management

It can improve dispatching capacity and accelerate vessel turnover, standardize and optimize business flows by reducing overlapped works among different departments, generate and analyze various reports and forms automatically to reduce manual workload.

3. Enhanced management and customer experience.

It will promote customer loyalty and help with brand strategy, thereby improving company image in an all-around way.

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