Container Leasing Management System

Product Overview Customers will be benefited from It will provide customers with

Container Leasing Management System

Product Overview

Gillion Container Leasing Management System (G-CLMS) is designed to start with modeling and planning core business development of container lease companies, and therefore applicable to focuses during operation process of these companies, for the purpose of combining business application processes and organizational management based on existing business model and organizational structure, and also promoting the efficiency and flexibility of business operation by fully considering the future development plan for these companies.
G-CLMS covers all steps involved in operation and management of container leasing company through business synergies, message driver and EDI platform, to manage container leasing process uniformly.

Customers will be benefited from

1. Integration of internal resources, which enable different departments and different businesses to share the same information platform can enhance at least 23% of internal resource configuration efficiency, and smoothly connect all steps of leasing chain and optimize resources.
2. Deep benefit analysis system can use historical data and real time data to perform benefit analysis at deep level to find possible profit growth points.
3. Safety and efficient platform can closely bind enterprises and customers, provide targeted solutions and services for customers and increase customer satisfaction by over 20%.

It will provide customers with

1. Standardized work-flows and defined management mode

It has integrated outstanding management ideas and models in container leasing industry, to lower internal management cost and increase cross-department synergies through standardization, thereby enhancing management level quickly.

2. Convenient EDI functions

It supports automatic interactive interfaces with suppliers, in accordance with the standards made by IILC, the largest container leasing organization in the world, to realize seamless interaction of business data across global container supply chain (container manufacturer and stockpiles), and help achieve globalized management.

3. Investment and financing management

It provides entire management including assets transfer and management for container investors, by automatically calculating receivable/payable during agency process and customize investors’ reports and forms. Specifically, accounting about container activities has reached leading position among peers, which effectively enhance investment management capacity and service quality to accelerate funds raising.

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