Air Freight Forwarding System

Product Overview Advantages

Air Freight Forwarding System

Product Overview

Gillion Air Freight Forwarding system (G-Air) gathers air-express import and export business within a whole. It covers air-express business and air-rental business. It is convenient to input data and there are shortcuts to help information input too. The process of making bill is simple and effective, in order to make the status of business clear. There are multiple ways to manage goods lively, which get twice the result with half the effort for your business.
Strong expansion in operation module can make it satisfied that the need to business management of both the first and the second air-express forwarder generations. The tracking status, lively and configurable, can be updated automatically, which help you understand the business trend at the immediately.


1.Agile to define operation flow
2.Simple and effective to make bill
3.Exact and efficient to apportion charge
4.Convenient and easy to input material
5.Fast and precise to balance the charge
6.Easy and simple to make up cargo and board
7.Real time and rigorous to analyze and statistic

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