Crew Oriented System

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Crew Oriented System

Product Overview

Gillion Crew Oriented System (G-COS) is an efficient human resource management platform tailored for shipping companies against their special requirement. Based on deep research and development for over 10 years on management practices used on more than 80,000 seamen, the system has combined successful experience from benchmark companies and helps companies transform crew management to more valuable services and crew development. G-COS includes salary management, assignment management, training management and welfare management, etc.

Customers will be benefited from

1. Sound crew management network strengthens talent management system with scientific approaches and motivate crew to generate higher productivity and creativity, and improve overall stability by at least 16%.
2. Sound crew service network can lower at least 19% service cost and provide convenience for crew to search information about training, certificate and salary.
3. Optimized crew management can increase operation efficiency by more than 20%.

It will provide customers with

1. Perfect talent system

With perfect talent cultivation system, it helps managers develop reasonable crew career development plan and provide guidance for fostering professional talents.

2. Scientific allocation and dynamic management

Scientific crew allocation and management model helps achieve the “integration and separation of ship and people” quickly and scientifically, as well as reasonable allocation of crew members. Real time crew management function supports follow-up of crew dynamically, and helps manage and allocate crew members accurately in real time manner, and provide reliable basis for cultivation, promotion and transfer of crew members.

3. Intelligent salary settlement

By flexibly configuration salary calculation models, it supports complicated human resource arrangement with many employment natures, can accurately calculate salaries under various complicated contexts to reduce manual errors and increase efficiency.

4. Interface connection among many applications

Convenient EDI applications which helps system connection with maritime authorities, certificate organizations and physical check organizations through stable external interfaces, can effectively increase work efficiency. Through mobile phone clients, crews can easily search information about training, certificate and salary, providing more efficiency work experience for enterprises.

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