Marine Operation System

Product Overview Customers will be benefited from It will provide customers with

Marine Operation System

Product Overview

Gillion Marine Operation System (G-MOS), by considering characteristics of vessel practices from domestic vessel companies and referring to advanced management modes and business flows from domestic and international vessel management companies and ship management systems, starts from shipping company’s vessel operation, covers all the businesses involved in vessel management with safety and quality management systems of both company level and vessel level as the basis, to realize process control of vessel management and normal operation of entire safety and quality management systems of company level.
G-MOS, consisting of two parts, i.e., ship-end and shore-end, includes system management, basic data, ship-shore communications, planned maintenance, spare part management, material management, vessel operation, safety check, certificate management, vessel-use materials, fire and rescue, system management, repair management, everyday office works, reports management and expense management, etc.

Customers will be benefited from

1. Real time data transmission between vessel and shore, seamless connection, resource sharing and business synergies with sub-systems can help process control of vessel management and normal operation of company’s safety and quality management system, so that everyday operation efficiency can increase by more than 18%.
2. It can help port companies know the real-time information about vessel and cargo to optimize schedule at port and reasonably use machines at port, thereby increasing stockpile management quality and efficiency by at least 16%, and efficiency complete intermodal cargo transit.
3. It helps cargo owner and forwarder follow up cargo information by increasing work efficiency at 18%, lower operation cost by 14%, at a minimum.

It will provide customers with

1. Simple operation and wide application

The interfaces are easy for use by supporting English and Chinese modes which are available to both Chinese and foreign crew. In addition, the system raises no special requirement for current ship communication equipment and software.

2. Integrated vessel and shore

The system provides multiple implementation plans of which, integration of vessel and shore can further lower implementation cost. Shore and vessel use incremental data transmission concurrently with data files being dual compressed with high compression rates.

3. Data security

Ship end system uses small and safety Linux OS +MySQL database to lower deployment cost and avoid system crash due to virus attack to the largest extent with automatic data backup in multiple plans to help data recovery. In addition, it can help automatic upgrade of vessel client and database remotely and in incremental mode through scripts, and flexibly set data synchronization step, requiring no manual interactions substantially.

4. Enhanced overall control

Planned maintenance system(PMS) complies with requirements from China Classification Society (CSS)and DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV) certification. IMPA system is used for material codes to facilitate query and enhance purchase efficiency. Spare part, material and fuel purchase processes are controlled and standardized by making purchase process transparent through entire monitoring from application, quotation, price comparison, order placement, acceptance, payment and delivery of cargo from storage. Real time inventory monitoring, pre-warning for materials out of stock, optimization of application step, reinforced approvals and comparison of different offers can effectively help crew with approval authorization of all levels to avoid extensive management of ship-use materials, to promote reasonable purchase and lower operation cost.

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