Ocean Freight Forwarding System

Product Overview Advantages

Ocean Freight Forwarding System

Product Overview

Gillion Ocean Freight Forwarding system (G-Ocean) is the comprehensive management system, combined marine forwarder export business and import business together. The system interface is simple and convenient for operation, providing a clear operation environment for users. Agile business flow and rigor management is the powerful assistant to indicate business further and resign internal flow for management.
This subsystem is a forwarder transport business system, converging marine inbound/outbound and FCL/LCL business, and referring kinds of terminal logistics business such as NOVCC, internal trade ship line business, internal branch line barge operation, cargo distribution management and integrative logistics business etc.


1.Multiple ways to get business consignations
2.Make bills simple and print bills
3.Document management focus on the client’s credit
4.Simplify flow and LCL operation
5.Consigned bill and free balance
6.Omnipotent fee module and regulation
7.Customization on operation flow and process
8.Quotation management and price leads client
9.Analysis on report and data can prove everything

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