Visual Tacking System

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Visual Tacking System

Product Overview

Gillion Visual Tacking System (G-VTS) is a dispatching and monitoring platform developed to satisfy the urgent needs for shipping dispatching and ship monitoring from shipping companies. It provides message entering at ship, message sending, message review at shore-end, generation of reports about real-time ship updates and integration with Google Map and electronic sea map, to locate and monitor ship, and based on which, get the real time information of ship, and extract and analyze data from business reports.
By enabling messages to be entered and sent from ship and reviewed at shore, as well as generating reports about ship updates, the system then provides the reports for other departments, agents, customers and maritime authorities, and connect them with monitoring system from electronic sea map.

Customers will be benefited from

1. G-VTS builds a visualized ship monitoring platform for shipping companies to display information about ships located at different seas concurrently in combination with ship messages and AIS information, thereby help efficiently dispatching ships and ensuring ship safety. Reviews of multiple levels can ensure an accuracy of message for over 18%.
2. It can generate current ship condition and ship operating curve through summarizing messages, which can easily achieve dispatching to increase work efficiency by at least 30%.
3. Through connecting to monitoring system from electronic sea map, it can monitor ship updates with graphics, which are easily readable.

It will provide customers with

1. Lowered operational risk

Through collecting, reviewing and monitoring comprehensive ship messages, it can help shipping companies timely acquire conditions about cargo and shipping to lower operational risk.

2. Ensured shipping safety

In combination with maps, it can monitor ship location in a visualized manner, and ensure shipping safety through monitoring shipping curve and making pre-warnings.

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