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    Gillion insists the service of “Care for every aspect and in every detail”. Gillion provides its customer with the most satisfactory pre-sales and after-sales service. We will provide services with excellent attitude and consistent passion.
    We can provide software system, but also provide better after-sales service.
    Gillion will provide customized service that is professional and effective for our customer according to their specifications. We focus on improving quality and help customer to manage its business.
    Why a company needs service customization?
  • 1、Different customers have different needs. General-purpose software cannot meet the individual needs of the customer.
  • 2、For customers with existing business processes, they will have to change their business processes to adapt to the logical flow of the software.
  • 3、It would be harder for user to get started with general-purpose software and the adaptation time will be longer.
    Service customization will help to resolve the above issues. Value added service: Gillion can provide extended service range or extra service method, according to our customer’s needs.
  • 1、Customer-focused
  • 2、Time-focused
  • 3、Manufacturing-focused
  • 4、Promotion-focused
    Team Service: Gillion will provide a service team for both technical and business for each customer.
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